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At USA Visa Now we help people to obtain Visitor Visas for the USA.

We specialize in helping applicants for B1 U.S. Business Visas and B2 U.S. Tourist Visas , making it easier for you to obtain the United States visitor visa that you require.

Today it is easiest to apply for your B1 or B2 visa online, but every applicant is required to pass a personal interview at their local U.S. Embassy or Consulate. USA Visa Now can help you with every stage of this process and answer all your questions.

Please note: We are a 3rd party organization that assists with the process of obtaining B1 and/or B2 visas . We are not associated with the Department of State or any government agency. While we make every effort to help you get the visa that you are seeking, we cannot guarantee results in any way. Ultimately, the acceptance of your application will depend on the US government.

If you are looking to extend status for an existing B1 or B2, please contact us for assitance with the form i-539.


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