B1 USA Business Visa

Who Needs a B1 Business Visa?

The B1 Business Visa is required in order to enter the United States for business trips, conferences, and meetings. This is a visitor visa and not a work visa, so it does not allow you to work for pay or attend school during your visit. If you are planning a business trip to the U.S., or even passing through on your way to another country, it is important to allow a few weeks for the process of applying for your B1 visitor visa.

How can I get a B1 Visa?

We make it simple to apply for your B1 visa online with USA Visa Now and to prepare for your face-to-face interview. If you need a business visa for America, we can help you to complete the DS-160 application form and provide the necessary documentation. Our team will review your visa application, advising you what is missing or unclear, and submitting it on your behalf.

It generally takes between 7-10 days after submitting the online form until your interview is scheduled, and then a few days after that to receive your visa. Without our professional advice, the chances of errors and delays are increased.

We will help you to schedule an interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate in the country where you live and guide you through the interview process. Our legal advisors are available to answer your questions at every stage, and to assist with any appeals process that may be required if your initial application is unsuccessful. USA Visa Now has a 98% success rate, so you can rely on us to get you through!

What Documentation is Required?

In addition to the DS-160 visa application form, you will need to submit:

1. Details of a valid passport
2. Proof that your visit to the U.S. is temporary
3. Proof that you have a residence outside of the U.S. that do not intend to abandon
4. Proof that you are able to support yourself financially while visiting the U.S.
5. Proof that you fulfil all U.S. entry requirements for health, criminal, and national security checks
6. A valid photograph that meets all visa requirements.

After scanning and uploading these items to the internet from a computer, you will also need to print off a copy of your completed online application form to take with you to your interview.

How USA Visa Now can help you

The process of applying for a B1 Business Visitor Visa is complex, so itís good to have the visa application experts from USA Visa Now on your side. We advise our clients to start the application process well in advance of their visit, and we work with you to present the strongest case for your visit being temporary, so that you have the best chance of success. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

So donít wait! Start the visa application process today by signing up with USA Visa Now. Weíll make it easier for to get your B1 Business Visa. Click here to get started!