Tourist visa procedure if you´re not at your home country

Planning on applying for a tourist visa for the United States in a country that is not the one you usually live in? Then you must follow a series of rules because this is not always possible. Authorities have named this procedure as a request from Third Country Nationals or TCN. In this article, we discuss some inconveniences that could come up when you apply for a tourist visa in third countries. Be sure to remember the specific cases we point out so you can detect plausible trouble and avoid it at all cost.

Some issues that could come up if you apply for a tourist visa in a country other than the one you live in.


According to current regulations, there are 3 cases in which people that are not citizens, cannot apply for a visa in Mexico or Canada. For example, people who have been living illegally at some time in the United States could face trouble if they request a permit. The most frequent case is that of foreigners who did not leave within the allowed period. Homeland security classifies this as an overstay. These people must compulsorily apply for the new visa at a United States consulate. Located in their country of birth or in which they usually reside.

Sponsors of terrorism according to the US

Citizens of countries that the United States officially classifies as sponsors of terrorism could also face inconveniences. Citizens of these countries should bear in mind that it is common that US consulates do not process these visas as a routine procedure. Especially if they are requesting the permit in a consulate other than the ones located in their country of residence.

In every other case, you may request a tourist visa for the United States at any embassy or consulate. However, that does not mean that it is always advisable. It is necessary to avoid giving the impression that one is looking for and contrasting between consulates. Authorities could perceive the latter as an attempt to choose the one considered as more agreeable regarding visa approval. US official entities have classified this practice as consulate shopping. Also, it may be more challenging to prove active family and economic ties in the place in which they reside.

Inconveniences that could come up when applying for a tourist visa

It doesn’t matter where you apply for the visa. Two types of problems can arise in any consulate, which could include different situations. That the applicant is ineligible for the tourist visa or that he or she is inadmissible. By far, the most common cause is being unsuitable for not being able to prove enough economic or family ties.

If you have this problem, you cannot ask for any waiver, and before requesting a visa again. There has to be a significant change in your conditions. There are other common causes of denial of the tourist visa. Like when the applicant has had a previous illegal stay in the country. In this case, it may be feasible to request a waiver.

Adequate actions

You need to take adequate measures after a refusal. Like taking the advice from professionals such as Visa USA Now If not the only thing that will happen is that you will accumulate one denial after another. Needless to say, your application fee is non-refundable.

Anyways, if the cause of denial is because of inadmissibility, you should purchase professional services. Organizations like Visa USA Now specialize in these issues.

Be careful of those people who claim to know someone inside the consulate. All those who supposedly arrange papers in exchange for money. These are frauds that, unfortunately, are more common than you might think.

You don´t need a visa in some cases.

Citizens of 38 countries are exempt from applying for a tourist visa. If they wish to enter the United States for a maximum of 90 days they certainly can.

People with dual nationality, and who have a passport that is included in the Visa Waiver Program also have this privilege. Although they usually reside in a country that does need a visa. However, keep in mind that if your permission was denied by authorities in the past a country that does require a permit, you could not use your other passport to enter the USA.