Tourist visa procedure if you´re not at your home country

There have recently been some relatively recent modifications regarding the procedure for applying for a United States Visa in Ecuador. Some of the new requirements include mandatory interviews for every candidate. The United States Department of State has consular offices in the provinces of Zamora, Loja, Cañar, Azuay, El Oro, Los Ríos, Manabí, Galápagos, Santa Elena, Guayas and Chinchipe. Nevertheless, the process for the US visa in Ecuador is carried out only in the offices of Guayaquil and Quito, and you can choose the place that best fits your needs only between these two cities.

According to officials of the consulate, most US visa petitions for Ecuadorians get approved, although the procedure has changed in the last few months since Donald Trump’s arrival at the White House. The new US policies allow consulates to take the necessary actions to verify in greater depth all the visa requests in Ecuador, something that delays the whole process. That is why the authorities recommend that you make your request as soon as possible, considering the waiting time that is required.

Some requirements for the US visa in Ecuador

When considering a trip to the United States, it is necessary to analyze the types of visa categories available, and which is the one that you need, depending on your intentions. In most cases, the tourist visa category is the most appropriate and this category is, in fact, the most common according to consular officials.

Some United States visa requirements for Ecuadorians that you should consider are:

  • To have an Ecuadorian passport with at least six months of validity
  • Complete the DS-160 online form correctly. The website of the Embassy is the only official way to apply for the US visa in Guayaquil, Quito, or from any other city
  • Submit all necessary documents, from personal to financial, such as bank statements or work certificates, to demonstrate family, social and work ties that are sufficient for the consular agent to see that there is no intention to travel to the States United to stay permanently.
  • Except for applicants for the US visa for children in Ecuador and those over 79 years old, everyone must register their fingerprints using an electronic system.
  • Pay the amount required for the US visa application for Ecuadorians.
  • Pay the nonimmigrant visa application fee

Remember that due to the characteristics of the tourist visa, and the waiting time that has increased in recent months, if you have to travel urgently, you must contact the consulate directly and make a request for another type of visa to speed up the process.

Interview for the US visa in Ecuador

One of the changes made to the whole visa process for the United States from Ecuador is the need to go through an interview. It is no longer sufficient to present the documentation since now a consulate official has the faculty to ask questions and clarify any situation related to your personal, work or financial status, to approve the application.

The interview will be a part of the visa procedure in Ecuador in all cases, with some exceptions, for example, people who already had a visa of the same category that expired in the last 12 months, children under 14 and adults over 79 and applicants for a diplomatic or official visa.

Take this information into consideration before completing your application for the US visa in Ecuador. Be sure to prepare the documents with enough time to obtain a favorable determination. Visit, and we will guide you during the whole process. Our clients have a very high success rate, so chances are in your favor. Contact us and get started!